Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Synergy- Cloud Rain

And the Earth said to the cloud "Rain." And so the cloud rained. Sometimes you just have to stop and listen. What is it saying to you. I'm pretty sure I heard it loud and clear today, "Artist make art." And, so it began...

I have been playing around with the Native 149 series on the computer. Taking my oil paintings and manipulating them. However, sometimes, what you intended to do gives rise to something even more creative and inventive. So here I am now on the phone with my friend a machinist and prototype maker trying to figure out how to etch or emboss my ideas on to an aluminum sheet!

As a side bar I find it ironic that I used to work with aluminum in my last career as an airplane mechanic.

I gotta go, he can help me so I'm off to the shop. Wish me luck. And, here's to alchemy!

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